April 8, 2008

that night

.... I followed the routine of salah without thinking about the outside world, in total control of my thoughts and only there for one thing. A sign, something that reminded me that my creator would always be there for me no matter how much I questioned. I prayed 2 rakahs, then 2 more, then 2 more, my legs started to ache and I felt like I didnt have any tears left to release but they kept falling. I prayed for what seemed like 5 minutes but when looking at the clock after 2 more rakahs I saw that 2 hours had passed in complete contemplation. At that point I sat on my prayer mat, raised my hands to the sky and poured out my duaas for me, the ummah, my friends, my family and for the world that surrounded us. I pulled out the one book I had not packed away as it was the most important one, something I knew I could turn to at any point, the Qu'ran. As I was reciting a few verses my phne started to vibrate but at that point I just couldnt pull myself away and wanted to not know what the person on the end of the line would be saying to me. I continued for about 2 chapters, while my phone stopped then started vibrating occassionally bleeping to prove the world was alive. And leaving me messages! What is more important I thought, then I reminded myself of one member of the sahaba who used to pray and fast for days at a time, giving no consideration to those around him. The prophet (saws) reminded him that his body has a right over him aswell as his wife. Well I wasnt a wife yet, but I had been trying to fight the stomach growls for the past hour so I stood up quietly closing my quran and looked at my phone. 20 missed calls, 3 voice messages and 5 texts. Hmm.... after going through them all i realised they were all from the same 3 people and all stood outside my flat :D alhamdulillah for those girls. I looked out through the window with the rain falling down and saw them all sat in a car with bags on their knees and looking a little tired, i immediately felt myself blush at not having faith in my girls. Davina noticed the break in the curtains and pointed up to which everyone piled out the car and waited for me to throw on my scarf to meet them at the door.

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