April 30, 2008

Eat, Love, Pray & Duaa: the weapon of the believer

So ive finished 2 books since last night alhamdulillah :) just glad to get them done and finished, now I can start more heehee... I finished eat, pray, love last night which I really enjoyed. I wouldnt say it was an excellant book with some much to learn but it was nice to hear about this ladies experiences with Italy, India and Indonesia masha'allah.. So if you find the book, check it out :) its well worth it just for the peace and hope it gives you, I know Im already awaiting her next one of the series (and yes it is a true story)
I just finished duaa: the weapon of the believer too alhamdulillah.. now that has taken me awhile to read and I think I would have to read it again in the future.. there is so much knowledge about duaa that we dont even realise. I learnt a lot from that book, namely yesterday when I learnt that when I make the qunut duaa in witr I shouldnt blow on my hands and wipe my face... it isnt anywhere in the sunnah to do this while in salah and the gesture is even questioned for outside of duaa (more reseach needed) Its a good book though full of stuff to learn masha'allah.
Just wanted to let you all know :P now what to start next, that is the question
Peace and salams, Ammena

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