March 29, 2008


So, I finished Footsteps last night and have to say I was not as impressed as I was with the first 2. Yes I cried a little in places but it didnt hit home as much as the others, maybe because I had grown used to getting to know Tamika rather than her husbands parents.The general overview of this book is that it follows Sarah and her husband Ishmael as he looks into finding himself another wife in the eyes of a late 20s new muslim, masha'allah. It talks alot about the struggles that women go through to understand this and it also has a character that is the second wife of a man who is friends with Sarah. There are a few surprises and Im glad Ive read it but I would definately not add it to the list of my best books :) There are more details I could give out but then that would totally ruin it for you if you wanted to read it.

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