February 9, 2008

My fathers notebook

So on Sunday I finished reading my fathers notebook, I had started the book and even though I wouldnt give it a high recommendation I still had to finish it. There have been many books in my favourites list that I have only really appreciated closer to the end so I hate to half read books. My review? heres what it is about:the son on a deaf mute is translating his fathers notebook into his own spoken language. His father had been taught his own cuniform sign language as a boy and thats what the book is written in. It follows his life including the teaching of this new language, his family, military service that he skipped, the sudden death of his first wife, his next marriage, the birth of his four kids and his relationships with them all, to the politic misguidance of his 2 most loved children (his only son and his youngest daughter) In the end it seemed to be more about his son and how his life was entwined with his fathers, being the son of a deaf mute he had become the mouth, eye and mind of his father so he seemed to have issues dividing the two. Although several times he stated that he didnt want to get off topic of his fathers book he still seemed to talk alot about his life in the political underground.On a whole, wouldnt read it again or recommend it but if its something you think you will like, feel free :D Enjoy

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