January 7, 2008

A voice by Umm Zakiyyah

masha'allah I just finished this book, started it on friday and have to say it was well worth the money masha'allah. I read the prequel quite a few months ago and wanted to get the second one for quite awhile now, I saw it at the conference for a good price and decided to go for it. Its a lot thicker than the first one, which took me 4 hours to read, so I didnt expect to get through this one as quickly as I did. Bearing in mind I was at my mums for the majority of saturday.I wont go too much into detail about the book but I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes novels but is looking for something away of the romance and desciptions in most of the novels in today society.The general overview of the book is this... it follows Tamika through a year of her life, the year after she converted to Islam. At the end of the book, she has found a husband, a life and is preparing herself for the future with a strained but workable relationship with her family and a year left of college. Masha'allah there are some ups and downs and her husband isnt who you would expect at the beginning but in the end they get there.. through all the tests, and after all the prayers masha'allah. What I wouldnt give to be so straight and submitted to my deen, insha'allah. I cant really tell you more because it would give it away, I dont know whether it was the obvious length of the book that took my longer to get into the story. There were times that I skipped over a few paragraphs when the author went into long and unneeded details.. but all in all, highly recommended to anyone who is a convert or looking to marry.

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Carimah said...

I just started reading your blog. I read a few of the stories and felt lost and thought I'd start at the beginning rather .
Anyway - I read the first book too - I thought it was excellent !! We don't have the next one so I'll have to wait a while and perhaps buy it online later in the year Insha'Allah.
BTW I am enjoying your stories