August 29, 2008

*shakes head*

I cant believe it, how can she do this? he thought as he saw his daughter pull up outside the house. Its her mothers 50th for God sake he stood up from where he was sat on the bed and smoothed out the wrinkles in his trousers. He had been organising the party for his wife for a few months now, it was a surprise for her and their daughter had come over to take her mum out while he got the house ready for the guests and for when they arrived back from the little shopping outing they were taking. Maybe I can get to the door before her and make her change he thought to himself as he quickened his pace to get down the stairs. It was too late, she had stepped in the door and he could already hear his wife putting her cup of tea on the island in the kitchen which looked straight through to the front door. He heard her gasp as he watched his daughter take off her shoes, he was angry but at that moment he also felt proud of her. Here she was making a change in her life that not everyone agreed with, but still she was showing the world and strong in her decision. But still.... look at her
Her mum walked right up to her, she seemed too close and overpowering until he realised the angle that he was seeing the scene from and hurried down the stairs. Do you have to? her mother asked, he heard her sigh Mum, theres nothing I can do about this now, I made a decision and thats that, end of! They all walked into the living room listening to the soft sound of their feet on the tiled floor. We have always stood by you, even when we didnt agree but this is just too much now. You promised me, he saw his wifes eyes gleam as the tears started to over load in her tearducts, she tried to blink them away but it just caused them to fall. She was handed a tissue and he held her hand tightly. Mum, I promised you when I was 10. I never knew my life would turn out this way. God has a greater plan. Her dad sighed loudly.. here we go again. It had been 2 years since their daughter had told them she was changing her religion to something foreign and unknown to them from outside the media. In that time she had changed her clothes slightly, only slightly and a few months ago had started to cover her hair. A few weeks ago she had told them the news of her expected child to a man they had grown to love as their own, this was the shock. She was unmarried to her parents, (although she says in her religion they are married) and very young. Still only 17, the baby and now... she comes to the house in tighter than normal clothing showing an obvious baby bump for her 4 month pregnancy. What will everyone say? her mother asked, tell them that you are going to be a grandmother she said smiling with a tear in her eye as she stroked her swollen belly. Grandad to be was thinking things through in his head when he suddenly realised that someone had entered the house and was stood behind his daughter. He had his hand on her shoulder and stroked it gently, everything ok? he asked genuinely just look at her, now she decides to wear tight clothes, after all this time of me trying to get her to show some skin. I just dont understand. Ali talk some sense into your wife please. That was the difference between her mum and dad.. she accepted their marriage, in the eyes of their God they were married and that was that, she would not have even minded if they werent.... it was her age and like history repeating itself.
He sat next to her, I did tell you this morning bibti, Laylah looked away well I didnt listen to you this morning, she told him. Ok, ok... so why dont you girls go and do your shopping and buy her something more suitable for the day then? Something more modest, then we can all get through this as the adults we are. My wife blew her nose and smiled, Id like that she said, right on cue Laylah took her hand and nodded. Im sorry she said, I didnt mean to make this day about me, she held her husbands face with one hand as he sat next to her and said I dont know where this family would be without you and kissed him on the cheek. . Pff... I do her dad said, smiling before downing a big gulp of tea.


kafrawy said...

good story

ramadan mubarak

قصه جميله حقا
اعانك الله عالاسلام فى بلاد نطقت بغير الاسلام


Anonymous said...

nice blog
ramadan mubarak and eid mubarak for when it cums inshallah
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Aalya said...

Truly a different story, not what was expected at all and I like that!