July 20, 2008

Coffee and a date

I sat in the coffee lounge of my local coffee store with a mint tea in one hand and a choc muffin on a plate infront of me. I was quietly reading the newspaper, seeing what was going on in the world and around me, I people watched (a highly fasinating hobby of mine) and I noticed the cars moving in the street outside. A few headlines hit me, giving me more to read as I waited for what was coming next, what was coming next? I had no idea. Id been given a card a few days before, a time and place was scrawled on the back of the card, what did he want? I just had to find out and couldnt leave it like that. So now I found myself in the coffee store drinking my tea and rubbing my back, pressure building up everytime I moved. By my side was a box from the one of the local stores down the road, I picked it up just before ordering my tea, a gift they had said. A very big gift they didnt say! I sighed at the thought of dragging the gift onto the bus, people stared enough as it is without wandering (just like me) what was in the box.
I looked at my watch; he was late. Should I wait? was it worth it to wait? or was I just delaying the inevitable? I wasnt hard to see, I sat at the front of the shop, by the open windows so i wasnt hiding away in the corner. In my defence! I decided to wait 10mins more after finishing my snacks, so i carried on reading my paper and picking with my lone fingers at my chocolate muffin allowing my body the sugar that it craved.
After awhile I felt watched, which wasnt unusual for me but more watched than usual. I looked up, was that him? no! couldnt be, back to the news. A chair was pulled out and he sat in front of me, I smiled politely. 'Mrs Hussain?' I nodded, 'why are you carrying such a big parcel?' "Mr Hussain,' I said slyly at him 'because your parents seem to think that carrying this big parcel around all day isnt enough work for me!' I said frustratingly pointing at the big belly surrounding our 8 month old twins in my womb. He smiled, 'alhamdulillah, I bought the car' I thanked God I didnt have to take the bus and set about passing him some of my muffin


Anisah said...

ahh really liked this one !! surpising and unexpected.. whooohoooo
more more more lol

Umm Salihah said...

very sweet story.

Aalya said...

I like the twist at the end!

Carimah said...

Lovely Mash'Allah !